Professional Publications

Forensic Dentistry

Goodbody R, Turner CH, Turner J
The differentiation of toothed marks
Med. Sci Law
Fletcher A, Turner CH, Ritchie GM
Denture marking methods and induced stress
Brit Dent J. 142: 224, 1977

Post Crowns

Turner CH
An investigation of the periapical status of post crowned teeth
Dent. 2: 109, 1981
Turner CH
The utilisation of roots to carry post-retained crowns
Oral Rehabil 9: 193, 1982
Turner CH
A retrospective study of the fit of jacket crowns placed around gold posts and cores, and the associated gingival health.
Oral Rehabil 9: 427, 1982
Turner CH
Post-retained crown failure – a survey
Dent update. May 1982
Turner CH
Cement distribution during post cementation
Dent 3: 231, 1981
Turner CH, Gross MJ
An apparatus to record the hydrostatic pressure changes occurring during the cementation of dowel-retained prostheses
Eng in Medicine. 9: 37, 1980
Gross MJ, Turner CH
Intra-radicular pressure changes during the cementation of post-retained crowns
Oral Rehabil 10: 237, 1983
Turner CH, Gross MJ
Investigation of hydrostatic pressure changes during cementation of screw-retained posts, and posts with integral cement release channels
Oral Rehabil 10: 421, 1983
Turner CH
A method of producing identical cast gold posts for experimental purposes
Dent 11: 151, 1983
Turner CH
The retention of dental posts
Dent 10: 154, 1983
Turner CH
A new approach to cast post crowns
Dent Practice. May 1983
Turner CH, Willoughby AFW
An investigation of the process of casting cores on to preformed wrought dental posts
Oral Rehabil 10: 177, 1983
Turner CH
The anterior post crown
In General Dental Treatment (instalment 5), 198
Turner CH, Willoughby AFW
The retention of vented cast posts
J Dent. 13: 267, 1985
Turner CH, Willoughby AFW
An analysis of the resistance of some dental post materials to failure in torsion
Clin Materials. 3: 291, 1988
Turner CH, Carey AN, Willoughby AFW
An investigation of the processes involved in the fracture of dental posts
Clin Materials . 4: 123, 1989
Turner CH, Willoughby AFW
Precious metal content of alloys
Brit Dent J. : 118, 1988
Turner CH
A clinical survey of failed post crowns
Brit Dent J. : 317, 1988
Turner CH
Cast post crowns for completely decoronated teeth
Dent Practice

Restorative Dentistry

Turner CH
Periodontal pockets: a new instrument for their easier measurement
Dent Update. 3: 277, 1975
Ritchie GM, Turner CH, Fletcher AM
An assessment of the dental requirements of elderly people
Quintessence Int. 11: 81, 1979
Turner CH, Sinclair L
Sprayed opaque porcelain as a retentive surface for resin-bonded restorations
Int Dent J. 3: , 1990
Tomlinson K, Turner CH
A post-dam technique for metal-based complete maxillary dentures
Dent Update. 12, 655, 1984
Turner CH
A new fenestrated gingival grafting technique
Dent Update. 10, 393, 1982
Turner CH
Surveyors and surveying
Dent Practice
Turner CH, Smith BJ
The use of crowns to modify abutment teeth of removable partial dentures
Clinical and laboratory procedures
J Dent. 7: 98, 1979
Smith BJ, Turner CH
The use of crowns to modify abutment teeth of removable partial dentures
Introduction and partial denture design
J Dent. 7: 52, 1979
Turner CH
Impression techniques for complete dentures opposed by natural teeth
Dent Practice.  March 1985
Turner CH
Maxillary tuberosity reduction
Dent Practice
Turner CH, Ritchie GM
The problems of maxillary complete dentures opposed by retained incisor and canine teeth (I)
Quintessence Int. 8: 29, 1978
Turner CH, Ritchie GM
The problems of maxillary complete dentures opposed by retained incisor and canine teeth (II)
Quintessence Int. 9: 7, 1978
Turner CH
Slots and bevels in full crown preparations
Dent Update. 6:161, 1977
Turner CH, Ritchie GM
Gross localised maxillary resorption due to occlusal forces
Brit Dent J. 141: 85, 1976
Turner CH
Dent Practice. April 1983
Turner CH
Implant maintenance
The Dentist. 2011

Diabetes Mellitus & Dentistry

Turner CH
Defining Risks for Diabetics (View PDF)
The Dentist: June 2022
Turner CH
Implant maintenance
The Dentist: 2011

Other Publications

Turner CH
Mouth protectors
Brit Dent J. 143: 82, 1977
Turner CH, Turner J
Oligodontia: report of a case
J Dent Child. : 49, 1977
Turner CH
Young adults
In General Dental Practice (instalment 11), 19
Turner CH
Oral hygiene instruction and dental prophylaxis
Dent Update. 10: 331, 1981
Turner CH, Cawley MID
Lupus erythematosus and the dental surgeon
Dent Update. 10: 515, 1981
Turner CH, Winder M
The theory and practice of controlled sedation
Dent Update. 11: 9, 1982
Turner CH, Russell RG, Taylor M.
Tray systems in general dental practice
Dent Practice. October, 1983
Turner CH
Transitional training in dentistry
J Roy Soc Med. 77: 357, 1984
Turner CH
A method of suturing following apicectomy
Dent Update
Turner CH
Sugar consumption and caries
Faculty Dent J 8: 6, 2017
Turner CH
Prevention, prevention
Faculty Dent J, Volume 10, Issue 3: 7, 2019


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